Amicus COVID-19 Statement to Pompe Community Partners

March 19, 2020

To: All Pompe Patient Advocacy Organizations
Re: COVID-19

To Our Pompe Community Partners,

First and foremost, your safety and welfare and that of your families always has been and continues to be our number one priority. This is especially true in view of the global COVID-19 outbreak.
We are committed to complete openness and frequent communications to address any questions in this community. We are in this fight together.

Importantly, given current information, we have a high degree of confidence that patients enrolled in all clinical studies for AT-GAA for Pompe disease, including our PROPEL pivotal study, will continue to receive study drug and that this study will be completed on schedule.

And in line with our Amicus access policy, all Pompe patients in all clinical studies for AT-GAA will be offered the ability to continue receiving AT-GAA through extension studies where the patients and their physician agree.  These will also continue uninterrupted. We want you to know that:

These plans are based on the most current information available. We will continue to monitor and will provide updates of any changes.

Amicus Patient & Professional Advocacy (P&PA) and the entire Team Amicus recognizes and appreciates all that our community partners do to support clinical research and the drug development process as we collectively seek to improve outcomes for people living with Pompe disease. Call ANYTIME. P&PA always is available as a resource during this or any time. We can be reached at, toll-free in the US and Canada at 1(866) 9-AMICUS (926-4287) and Internationally at

With best wishes for your good health and safety,

Jayne C Gershkowitz
Chief Patient Advocate